How To Choose The Best Golf Communities In Scottsdale

With the current planned communities that are in Scottsdale, those who enjoy planning golf now18th hole home have the opportunity to purchase their dream home and live within a shot or two away from the green. Even if you do not enjoy playing golf, you can still take advantage of all of the amenities that these planned communities offer.

There are over 1000 of these golf communities currently in the United States, and over 40 of them are located in the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas. So, if you are planning to relocate to Phoenix or one of the adjoining communities, you should educate yourself on the differences between each community and the other things that you should look for before you purchase your new home.

The Different Types Of Communities
When the first planned golf communities were developed, they were created and geared towards a certain segment of the population. The segment of the population developers targeted were upper middle class golf enthusiast who were retired or empty nesters. As a result, golf enthusiast that did not meet the criteria could not move into these communities.

However, the communities that are developed today cater to all segments of the population. They cater to homeowners of all budget types. These communities also fall into one of two categories: age restricted and multigenerational.

Multigenerational construction has become a very popular trend in the housing industry. The goal of these types of communities is to attract a diverse group of individuals to the planned community. This means that retirees, young professionals and families live in the community to make the area more vibrant and robust. After building age restricted golf communities in Scottsdale for years, developers have realized that homeowners of all ages and income levels desire the same amenities and services in a community:

• Security
• Low maintenance
• On site services

Many of the newer planned golfing communities in Scottsdale are multigenerational communities. Mirabel is one of the communities in Scottsdale that offer homes starting in the high $100,000s.

Luxury golf course homesAge restricted communities cater to those who are 55 years of age and older. This age group typically includes empty nesters and retirees. The restriction states that at least one member of the residence is at least 55 years old. These communities have undergone makeovers, and they no longer resemble the communities of the past.  The communities now include first class recreation and the newest amenities. However, they also include amenities and services that are conventional for the over 55 age group.

The undisputed leader in age restricted planned communities is Del Webb. Since the 1960s, this developer has created age restricted communities in several states including California and North Carolina. There are also several of these communities located around the Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.

The Location Of Planned Golf Communities
As the old real estate saying goes, when you are looking for a home you primary goal is to find a home in the best location. This advice also applies to golf communities as well. When you are looking for a new golf community, consider:

• What purpose will the residence serve? (primary, retirement, vacation)
• How often will you use the home?
• What is the area like around the home?
• What is the weather like in the area?

Those who are still working will likely want the community to be located within an hour of their job. Fortunately, there are several communities located in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area so you are sure to find a community that is best suited for your needs.

When choosing a home in a golfing community as a vacation home or a retirement home, there are special factors that must be taken into consideration. You must consider if you prefer to be close to the mountains, near the city limits or somewhere else. The climate is also a factor that you must take into consideration as well.

Although there are many communities from which to choose there are a couple real gems you must look at in North Scottsdale.  Troon North golf homes offer some of the best courses and scenery possible in the entirety of Arizona.  Homes for sale in Troon North will range from the 400′s to several million.

For a slightly lower price point, Grayhawk golf homes would be a great choice.  Grayhawk is a little closer to freeways and access to the rest of Scottsdale and Phoenix, but the community is georgous and homes start I the low 300s up to over 1 million.

The Amenities Of Planned Golf Communities
Finally, you must think about the type of amenities that you want to have in the community you are moving into. Lifestyle enhancement amenities include spas, swimming pools and clubhouses. Typical amenities include cable television, high speed internet and home maintenance.

Golf communities in Scottsdale can provide you with the lifestyle and home of your dreams. Find the community that offers the services and amenities that you need.